Domestic Directors

Randy Diplock

Randy Diplock has a quirky sense of humour which reflects brilliantly in his casting. He brings a sense of simplicity to his direction, therein allowing his unique characters to shine.  

Dale Heslip

Dale Heslip is a gifted storyteller with a strong sense of narrative and an extraordinary visual sensibility. His wheelhouse of experience includes live action, animation, music and special effects.

Pat Holden

Pat Holden moved to Canada’s west coast to pursue his craft as a film maker. He is a proven talent director, as well as an award winning writer nurtured in the world of advertising in the UK.

Michael Maxxis

Michael Maxxis has won major North American music video awards, a genre that has defined his unique visual style seamlessly into commercials as an award winning director.

Stefan Morel

Born in Montreal, Stefan Morel – is an award-winning documentary filmmaker on a quest for life-changing stories. As a Director/DP/Editor, Stefan’s intuitive fusion of aesthetics with narrative evokes the beauty of belonging."

John Spooner

John Spooner is an Emmy award winning Montreal native, who brings a passion and wealth of experience to every project, both as a shooter and an accomplished director.

Up and Coming Directors

Aaron Kurmey

Winning a million dollar Accelerator Fund credit in production financing at the Banff Film Festival in 2015 only affirmed his talent as an award winning writer and director.

International Directors

Larry August

Larry August specializes in humour, dialogue, real people and performance; with automotive a natural extension, being based in Detroit, with his company Avalon Film.

Dick Buckley

Dick Buckley an LA based award winning international director/dop with CLIO’s, a Gold Lion and Emmys to his credit. He loves working with new people and new ways to tell stories.

Fabien Dufils

This Parisian born, NYC director/DOP has worked all over the world with international agencies and clients. Fabien is very excited to bring his award winning cinematic storytelling to Canada.

Digital Content

Morgan Gies

From a touring rock group, he discovered a passion for film and photography. He is an artist with a lens capturing the human experience, his work having evolved from music videos to branded content.