Video Production Edmonton Alberta


Creative Video Production


FilmBratz Productions offers our advertising partners innovative solutions to creative problems. We produce television and social media campaigns for Canadian and international clients, with a unique dedication for providing highly efficient end-to-end production solutions.

Storytelling Video Production


With a wealth of experience, we match the right creative team to our client’s projects whether the message is informative, motivational or brand awareness. We work with scriptwriters, animators and directors to craft an engaging narrative to help our media and advertising partners target their audience.

Video Production Design


FilmBratz has a proven track record for designing informative, motivational, attention grabbing content in collaboration with our clients and advertising partners. Our experience is diverse, from automotive to agricultural, government to corporate. Whether it is stunning images, special effects or animation, we deliver.

Video Production Consulting


We are happy to sit down and discuss your production requirements and partner with you to find the perfect talent match from our roster of directors and creative resources. We thrive on the collaborative process to find innovative ways of growing ideas into award winning projects.