About FilmBratz Productions

FilmBratz Productions is a full service, multi-platform commercial and digital content production company that looks for creative ways to problem solve using our many years of experience producing regional, national and international commercials and social media content. Working collaboratively with clients and agencies from across Canada, we love solving problems and finding innovative ways of growing ideas. Most of all we love being a part of the creative process. We take great pride in putting together the right team and guiding each and every project through the production and post-production process. Our involvement most often includes sound design, graphics, and special effects to the final delivery of an up-loadable master whether it is for broadcast, web or social media delivery.


Hans Dys

Owner, Executive Producer, Producer 

After producing a one-hour drama for his final mark in College, his career flourished from writing, producing and directing award winning TV commercials in Canada and abroad, to becoming head of regional production in Calgary. He was sought after, to become a Vice-President of Production with a major Canadian independent broadcaster in Edmonton, acclaimed for producing international syndicated projects from TV series to features.

In 1991, he started Apple Box Productions, simultaneously opening offices in Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver, under the auspices of Western International Communication (WIC) of Vancouver. When sold in 2003, and taking almost a year off, Dys started FilmBratz Productions in 2004, based in Edmonton.

FilmBratz allowed him to get back to his roots as a writer and producer and therein tapping into his wealth of experience doing what he always loved doing, working with talented directors and crews to find innovative ways of growing unique and memorable ideas. Every project we produce has a new twist and every project a new challenge, as Dys says, “That’s the joy of it.”

e: hans@filmbratzproductions.com

c: (780) 991-2620